Geography of Reclamation Illustrated Bibliography

In Geography of Reclamation: An Essay in Three Parts,  I locate the term “reclamation” both historically and geographically.  I use animated drawings in tandem with archival audio.  I call this type of video art an animated essay.  It locates the changing term “Reclamation” through the work of Floyd Dominy (Dam evangelist and head commissioner of the Bureau of Land Reclamation from 1959-1969), David Brower (First executive director of the Sierra Club and someone who believed strongly in an aesthetic connection between people and place) and Robert Smithson (The influential Land Artist who coined the term “Earthwork”).  As we grapple with the future of dams and earthworks, the animation weaves together, for better or worse, their monumental imprint on the landscape of the west.

Geography of Reclamation: An Essay in Three Parts: