bumper sticker
Putting “Mulholland,” the water-poaching dude, back in Mulholland drive.  Bumper stickers for Los Angeles Road Concerts: Mulholland Dérive edition 12-6 this Sunday on the fabled Mulholland Drive.

For more background on William Mulholland and the Uisce Trail, see my short animated biography entitled Uisce Beathahttps://vimeo.com/49805393

Uisce Beatha which translates from Gaelic to Water of Life, is a short animated film about William Mulholland. The story suggests that Mulholland may in fact be, Uisce, the man, horse, bird, trickster of Irish Mythology. Spelled U-I-S-C-E. Uisce sometimes appears as a handsome Highland water-horse, perpetually searching for inland bodies of still water and attracting unsuspecting riders. When Uisce finally does find a rider, they will find themselves affixed to Uisce’s adhesive skin as he runs headlong into the nearest body of water until Uisce completely submerges the rider, leaving only a liver to wash up on the shore.

Photo by Bianca D’Amico

Right: Uisce Beatha video diorama from “Drawing On The Psyche”

organized by Jay Lizo at Elephant Art Space September 2012