Summercamp Weed Patch1 Weedpatch3house

In 2009, the weekend of the Station Fire (one of the largest and deadliest California wildfires on record), Summercamp Project Project invited me to participate in “Go Big or Go Home.” At the time Janice Gomez was clearing the brush from the backyard of their El Sereno house/art space. I used the brush to make these nest chairs and removed a section of their yard recreating Darwin’s 2×3′ weed garden. At the opening, Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin, Clay Chaplin, Aaron Drake, and Lewis Keller graciously performed for the weeds, attempting to charm them into visibility through poetry and music. Amaranth (who beckoned the weeds with notes of their taxonomical brethren) recently published her notes for the performance in this recent issue of Pocket Notes: Although the weeds never made an appearance (I blame the harsh conditions created by the fires), these folks made it a really excellent day.