The Eucalypt

Using archival Weather Bureau footage of cloud formations, and stop motion along with hand drawn elements, this short animation tells a brief history of the nineteenth century introduction of the Australian Eucalyptus tree to California. The Eucalypt was thought to be messianic with promises of improved weather, a renewed lumber industry, fever-reducing properties and iconic beauty second only to the great Redwood. The Eucalyptus would fail to meet nearly every demand placed upon it and in the twentieth century, Californians would grow to despise the tree and think of it merely as the world’s largest and messiest weed.

Premiered at Teeny-Cine at Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento

The following authors/essays factored largely in my research and inspired the project:

Jared Farmer Gone Native

D.J. Waldie The Many and Contradictory Meanings of Southern California’s Iconic Eucalyptus Trees

Nathan Masters Who Eucalyptized California

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