Riaparianism stills

Prior to the “Doctrine of Appropriation,” what would later become known as the “Colorado Compact” was the accepted belief in “Riparianism” or the idea that nature should be left free to do what it does. This short non-fiction animation is a stab, a nod, a gesture toward reviving the term in the context of ecstatic real estate development persistently cropping up around Brooklyn’s historically toxic waterways specifically the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek. The film re-imagines a national anthem around the “most” polluted waterways in this country, amplifying the voices of friends into an animated conversation around this term.

Originally produced for Underwater New York’s fifth year anniversary Gala at DUMBO SKY in DUMBO, NY http://underwaternewyork.com/archive/2014/10/14/riparianism-by-nicole-antebi

Official selection at The Americas Film Festival of New York: http://www.taffny.com/#!shorts-animation-2015/cfg9