Object Lessons’ Book Trailers

Book Trailer for “Questionnaire” by Evan Kindley. Published by Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons.
Animation and Sound by Nicole Antebi.

Book trailer for Ariana Kelly’s Phone Booth published by Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons Animation by Nicole Antebi, Music by David Eng http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/phone-booth-9781628924091/

2 thoughts on “Object Lessons’ Book Trailers

  1. Funny, in the post-phone booth, post-landline world, I feel like phone booths protected the environment (and other people in it) from the person talking on the phone almost as much as the reverse. In the past decade, I can’t count the number of times I wish I wasn’t forced to listen to someone’s private conversation as they talked aloud to a person I could not see while they they walked, ran, shopped, rode the bus/train, or sat on the toilet in the stall next to mine.

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