Tilapia Jetty

Tilapia Jetty still

Tilapia Jettypart of the exhibition “California: The Art of Water” at the Cantor Arts Center

July 13, 2016 – November 28, 2016

This major exhibition is devoted to artistic portrayals of California’s most precious—and currently scarce—resource. It presents more than 70 works by eminent artists including Ansel Adams, Albert Bierstadt, David Hockney, David Maisel, Richard Misrach, and Carleton Watkins, and features images from a variety of regions around the state, during the Gold Rush to the present. The exhibition offers a compelling aesthetic experience set within debates about water that have spanned the 19th century to the present. It is also accompanied by an array of public programs designed to raise awareness and appreciation of California’s complicated water issues.

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Procrustean Bed

Visual music collaboration with experimental composer and performer, Melissa Grey and featuring Lynn Bechtold on violin. Premiering at NWEAMO Festival 2016 at the New San Diego Central Library April 8th-9th

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The Magic Square, An illustrated lecture and Screening with Colin Dickey, and the world premiere of Magic Square, a Visual Music collaboration between Nicole Antebi, Vince Clarke, and Melissa Grey.

magic square poster2

Date: Thursday, May 19th
Time: 7pm
Admission: $8
Location: Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424 Third Avenue, 11215 Brooklyn

The Sator or Magic Square: sator, arepo, tenet, opera, rotas, is a palindrome that can be read top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, right-to-left and in a boustrophedonic, continuous back and forth. The earliest example of the ancient phrase was found in the ruins of Pompeii and in the excavations under the church of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome. It is often referred to as a Magic Square for its historic use as a device invoked in magical incantation.

Colin Dickey will present an illustrated lecture on the history of magic squares and the mystical powers of palindromes followed by the screening premiere of Magic Square, a recent visual music collaboration between Melissa Grey (sound), Nicole Antebi (animation) and featuring music by electronic music pioneer, Vince Clarke.

Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/634353390046898/


Looking Local: A Library of Place

Pigeon new
Passenger Pigeon Commemorative Plate
The Last Menagerie‘s Passenger Pigeon along with LJ Moore’s accompanying text will be on display at  Looking Local: A Library of Place an exhibition that brings together a diverse group of artists, writers, and photographers whose practices all have a connection to a specific place. The show is being hosted by Press St, Room 220 and Antenna Gallery in New Orleans- It opens April 9th, 2016 6-9pm. Please stop by if your in the area before May 31st! Curated by Sea Farm City.
*Sea Farm City is Katie and Matt Allison’s new online gallery and editions shop. Sea Farm City is based on the notion that any art lover can be an art collector. 

Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages on the International Border 

Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages on the International Border is a part animated, part live action film project about growing up in El Paso during the early 1990s. Funded in part through a generous grant from The Jerome Foundation, the film is largely about the politicized landscape and infrastructure of El Paso, New Mexico and Juárez and the river that bisects and connects these disparate spaces. Several locales along the Rio Grande set the stage for this story. More information about the project and clips coming soon.

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double boundary makrer

Double Boundary Marker attached at the base with a level containing water gleaned from the river with two names. The double marker was submerged (and hopefully dissolved) in Marie Lorenz’s Flow Pool at Recess this Thursday in conjunction with Underwater New York.