Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages On the International Border


Fred’s Rainbow Bar and Other Stages on the International Border (working title) is a 45-60 minute topographical film essay combining live action, archival imagery, and a variety of animation styles to tell the story of an unsuspecting teenager growing up in El Paso Texas and frequenting Ciudad Juárez on a regular basis. The film is mostly set in the early 9o’s or the era before NAFTA and before the erection of the Border Security Fence with flashbacks to the Battle of Juárez and flashes forwards to contemporary events, like the razing of the ASARCO smelter. The International Border (or the river with two names) remains the main frame through which events unfold as we observe teens navigate these disparate landscapes. More information about the project and clips coming soon. For specific questions contact me here: nicole.antebi(at)


If you would like to support this project, please consider making a tax deductible donation through Brooklyn Arts Council (acting fiscal project through 2016). All amounts welcome and thank you in advance for your support! -Nicole


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