Visual score from Pitch Battles 2012

In overlapping performances, Colin Dickey, Nicole Antebi and Chris Kallmyer explore the difference between two rival pitches, 440 Hz and 432 Hz: Colin Dickey traces the history of the war for correct musical tuning, a debate that’s raged for two centuries and has involved the Nazis, French government, BBC, Lyndon Larouche, and new age practitioners. Responding to the phenomenon of radial pattern formation by sound frequencies or Cymatics, Nicole Antebi accompanied the talk and performance with a visual score tinkering with the shape of sound. While Chris Kallmyer created a multi-channel environment of competing tonal systems and real-time examples of pitch-altered recordings of Wagner, sine tones, and live instruments.  Performed at CSUMB and Machine Project.

Selected stills from the performance..

.Pitch Machine

Pitch Machine 4

Pitch Machine2

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 4.35.33 PM