Uisce Beatha_Mt Whitney Whiskey Trail

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary (2015)

Nicole Antebi

Role: Director, writer, animator, and sound design.

Premiered at LACE, Los Angeles, CA

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary is a fantastical history conflating biographical aspects of William Mulholland, the controversial head of the Los Angeles Water Company from 1886-1929 with “Uisce,” the half man, half horse, bird, trickster of Irish Mythology. Spelled U-I-S-C-E, but pronounced Whiskey, the phrase “Uisce Beatha” translates from Gaelic to Water of Life. Uisce sometimes appears as a handsome Highland water-horse, perpetually searching for inland bodies of still water and attracting unsuspecting riders. When Uisce finally does find a rider, they will find themselves affixed to Uisce’s adhesive skin as he runs headlong into the nearest body of water until Uisce completely submerges the rider, leaving only a liver to wash up on the shore.

Uisce Beatha_Owens Valley Cottage Transition

Uisce Beatha_Spillway Transition

Uisce Beatha_Telescopic Aqueduct

Uisce Beatha Bibliography_AntebiAbove: Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary Illustrated bibliography