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Title Sequence

Title Sequence for Joanne McNeil’s upcoming web series: Just Browsing

Book Trailers

Book Trailer for Questionnaire by Evan Kindley. Published by Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons.
Animation and Sound by Nicole Antebi.

Book trailer for Ariana Kelly’s Phone Booth published by Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons Animation by Nicole Antebi, Music by David Eng


Music Videos

The Magic Square, a recent visual music collaboration between Melissa Grey (sound), Nicole Antebi (animation) and featuring music by electronic music pioneer, Vince Clarke, premiered at The Morbid Anatomy Museum on May 19, 2016 along with an illustrated lecture by Colin Dickey on the history of magic squares and the mystical powers of palindromes.

Music Video for the track, Dreams by Last Nights in Paris Animation by Nicole Antebi



Dream Propulsion (Laboratory) part of  Leo Kuelbs‘ “Submerged” collection


Motion Graphics Reel


Objects For Sale

Wax Medical Moulages

Wax models were the primary study aids for physicians during the Renaissance period. For the past two years I’ve been teaching myself this lost art. Each moulage (French for “mold”) is hand made, one of a kind, and ready to hang. They also look beautiful displayed on a medical bookshelf or card catalog like the ones pictured here. Available at The Morbid Anatomy Museum Gift Shop.

5×7″ mounts-$120 / 8×8″ mounts- $150 plus $10 shipping

Email me with questions:

Secondary Syphilis left front hand

Secondary Syphilis of the left front hand 8×8″ wood mount $150 (plus $10 US priority shipping)

anthrax lesion eye

Anthrax Lesion of the Left Eye 5×7″ wood mount $120 (plus $10 US priority shipping)

Secondary Syphilis Hand

Secondary Syphilis of the left back hand 8×8″ wood mount $150 (plus $10 US priority shipping)

Syphilis Fingers

Primary Syphilis of the finger 5×7″ wood mount $120 (plus $10 US priority shipping)


The Last Menagerie Commemorative Plates and Prints

Pigeon newclose up pigeon copy

The Last Menagerie

~There is an extinct totem animal in each of us~

Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the last year of the last Passenger Pigeon, known by the name Martha. The centennial marker inspired The Last Menagerie, a line of plates designed to commemorate, educate, and remind ourselves about that which is lost but not forgotten. The commemorative plate is such an odd and beautiful object. As it preserves and frames a fleeting moment or event–it also gives dimensional life to a wall. The Last Menagerie is a collection of six commemorative plates each featuring a different extinct animal:

Series No.1

The Dodo extinct since 1662
Pyrenean Ibex extinct since 2000
The Quagga extinct since 1883
The Passenger Pigeon extinct since 1914
Black African Rhino extinct since 2011
The Wooly Mammoth extinct since the Pleistocene epoch

Series No.2

The Great Auk extinct since 1852

Steller’s Sea Cow extinct since 1768

California Grizzly extinct since 1922

Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger extinct since 1936

Plates are $30 each (plus $10 US priority shipping)

2 for $50 (plus $12 US priority shipping)

4 for $90 (plus $18 US priority shipping)

6 for $130 (plus $18 US priority Shipping)

last print set

The Dodo, Passenger Pigeon, Quagga, and Black African Rhino are now available as prints:

$15 each plus $3 for shipping

Email me with questions:

10% of all funds to to the Wildlife Conservation Network.