Wax Medical Moulages

Wax Medical Moulages

Wax models were the primary study aids for physicians during the Renaissance period. For the past two years I’ve been teaching myself this lost art. Each moulage (French for “mold”) is hand made, one of a kind, and ready to hang. They also look beautiful displayed on a medical bookshelf or card catalog like the ones pictured here.

| 4×4″ mounts-$75  |  Shipping not included
| 5×7″ mounts-$120  | Shipping not included
| 8×8″ mounts- $150 | Shipping not included
Email me with questions or custom orders: thelastmenagerie@gmail.com
Wax models pictured below are available at The Morbid Anatomy Museum Gift Shop
syphilis_lower_lip.jpgPrimary Syphilis of the Lower Lip 4×4″ wood mount $75
Secondary Syphilis left front handSecondary Syphilis of the left front hand 8×8″ wood mount $150
anthrax lesion eyeAnthrax Lesion of the Right Eye 5×7″ wood mount $120
Secondary Syphilis HandSecondary Syphilis of the left back hand 8×8″ wood mount $150
Syphilis FingersPrimary Syphilis of the finger 5×7″ wood mount $120 SOLD

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The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice “The Syphilitic Whores of Georgian London!”