Moving Image

2018-2019 Animation and Motion Graphics Reel

How I Mapped the Fluid Border Between El Paso and Juárez for CityLab (August 2019)

Industrial Light and Magic words and animation about inventor Mary Hallock-Greenewalt for Topic Magazine (June 2019)

Performance documentation of Photon Ecstasy (Kepler-37) collaboration with l’Ao at Queens Museum (February 2019)

The City I love is Destroying Itself Longreads interview with El Paso historian, David Dorado Romo (November 2018)

I Offer You (Collaboration with l’Ao using French Textile Sample from 1865)  (2018)

Animation and motion graphics for Tanya Golash Boza’s 15-part series on the Origins of Race and Racism for UC Merced (2018-2019)

Music Video for Alka’s “Melancholy Lasts” Track (VeryRecords 2017)

Joanne McNeil’s web series Just Browsing (2017)

A Retelling of the Cowherder and the Weaver in the Age of Migration (2017)

“The Beach That Speaks” An Excerpt from Brian Thill’s book Waste

Animated by Nicole Antebi (2017)

Procrustean Bed (2017)

Soft Series Concert No.8 |Prelude | Folk Geometry (2017)

Magic Square (2016)

Book Trailer for Evan Kindley’s Questionnaire (2016)

Last Crow at Marienbad (2015)

Telling of the Bees Telling (2015)

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary (2015)

Book Trailer for Ariana Kelly’s Phone Booth (2015)

Riparianism (2014)

The Shack (2014)

Folly Gardens (2013)

The Eucalypt (2013)

Dream Propulsion (Laboratory) (2014)

Water, CA Loan Library (2012)

Water, CA (2008-2012)

Geography Of Reclamation (2012)

Dreams (Animated Score) (2014)

Digital Macrame from Pitch Battles (2012)

Don’t Put Nothin In It Unless You Feel It (2010)

The Salton Sea Projects (2008)

Invisible Inflatable Deflatable Monuments (2004)

4 1/2 Pieces After Las Vegas (2001)

Moby Dick Puppet Show (2010)