Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary (2015)

Uisce Beatha_Mt Whitney Whiskey Trail

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary (2015)

Nicole Antebi

Role: Director, writer, animator, and sound design.

Premiered at LACE, Los Angeles, CA

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary is a fantastical history conflating biographical aspects of William Mulholland, the controversial head of the Los Angeles Water Company from 1886-1929 with “Uisce,” the half man, half horse, bird, trickster of Irish Mythology. Spelled U-I-S-C-E, but pronounced Whiskey, the phrase “Uisce Beatha” translates from Gaelic to Water of Life. Uisce sometimes appears as a handsome Highland water-horse, perpetually searching for inland bodies of still water and attracting unsuspecting riders. When Uisce finally does find a rider, they will find themselves affixed to Uisce’s adhesive skin as he runs headlong into the nearest body of water until Uisce completely submerges the rider, leaving only a liver to wash up on the shore.

Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary premiered at After the Aqueduct at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions curated by Kim Stringfellow March 4th-April 12th http://aftertheaqueduct.org

“After the Aqueduct: Art Considering a Dry Future” KCET Artsbound review by Kyle Zimskind: http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/after-the-aqueduct-los-angeles-contemporary-exhibitions.html

“Meditations on Southern California’s water lifeline” The Los Angeles Times review by Christopher Knight: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/la-et-cm-review-after-the-aqueduct-at-lace-20150324-column.html

“California Scheming” The Wall Street Journal book review by John Buntin http://www.wsj.com/articles/book-review-water-to-the-angels-by-les-standiford-1429657487

Uisce Beatha_Owens Valley Cottage Transition Uisce Beatha_Spillway Transition Uisce Beatha_Telescopic Aqueduct

Uisce Beatha Bibliography_AntebiAbove: Uisce Beatha: A Mulholland Bestiary Illustrated bibliography

Sonnet to the Los Angeles Aqueduct (2013)

So thrilled to be included in this poetry reading along side Charles Hood, Karen Piper, Tyler Stallings and so many others interested in the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Artfully organized by Christian Reed, the reading took place on December 6 in the Library Special Collections at UCLA. I wasn’t there, but my animated sonnet was.

Digital Platform:  http://digital.library.ucla.edu/aqueduct/scholarship/sonnet-project

LAAqueductPoetryInvite_v02-2 copySonnet_010 Sonnet_012 Sonnet_013 high res explosive 2