Magical Thinking and the Los Angeles Aqueduct In Arid Journal Fall 2013

Loan Library at Armory Center for the Arts

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Bumper stickers for Los Angeles Road Concerts: Mulholland Dérive edition

bumper sticker
Putting “Mulholland,” the water-poaching dude, back in Mulholland drive.  Bumper stickers for Los Angeles Road Concerts: Mulholland Dérive edition 12-6 this Sunday on the fabled Mulholland Drive.

For more background on William Mulholland and the Uisce Trail, see my short animated biography entitled Uisce Beatha

Uisce Beatha which translates from Gaelic to Water of Life, is a short animated film about William Mulholland. The story suggests that Mulholland may in fact be, Uisce, the man, horse, bird, trickster of Irish Mythology. Spelled U-I-S-C-E. Uisce sometimes appears as a handsome Highland water-horse, perpetually searching for inland bodies of still water and attracting unsuspecting riders. When Uisce finally does find a rider, they will find themselves affixed to Uisce’s adhesive skin as he runs headlong into the nearest body of water until Uisce completely submerges the rider, leaving only a liver to wash up on the shore.


Photo by Bianca D’Amico

Right: Uisce Beatha video diorama from “Drawing On The Psyche”

organized by Jay Lizo at Elephant Art Space September 2012